Tech Features

Paint Free Nylon

Fix doesn’t paint the major components of its bindings for several reasons. The first reason is that nylon gets stronger with age; it absorbs the moisture from the environment so painting a binding would seal in that nylon and prevent the aging process. The second reason is durability. No scratches, no chipping. The final reason is paints and lacquers are toxic and we believe that brands must do better to help the environment even if it means that it costs more to do so from a production standpoint.

Lifetime Warranty

Fix buckles are tested up to 28,000 clicks, which is over triple the strength of the competition; that is why Fix is able to offer an industry first lifetime warranty on both the buckles and base trays. They’re that good. Our cast aluminum buckles are housed in the buckle assembly and are attached with custom designed German steel springs, for superior strength and function.

Channel Compatible

All Fix bindings are compatible with The Channel mounting system and comes with the correct mounting hardware.

No Regrind

No filler material = stronger bindings and less breakage. We prove that we don’t use regrind in any of our bindings by producing a storage box that the bindings come in.

4×4 Disc

All Fix bindings are a 4×4 hole pattern compatible and come with DethGrip™ Hardware for both 4×4 as well as The Channel. Our regrind hardware card uses waste from our production process and doubles as a wax scraper so you can use it for years to come.

Highback Rotation

Rotate your highbacks for optimal lateral movement with our simple to adjust system. Lining up your highbacks to the heel edge of your board allows your legs a free range of motion.

Dethgrip Hardware

Let’s face it, having to tighten your screw all the time is a hassle. That’s why Fix uses a special type of mounting hardware called DethGrip™ to ensure that you’re not looking for a screwdriver every time you go riding.

Stitched Straps

Our memory gel straps are sewn by the best sewing facility in the world and is the only component that we do not produce in our own facility so that quality is not compromised. They’re so comfortable, they’re like couches for your feet.


Nylon injection, extruded aluminum heel-cups, cast aluminum buckles and injected straps all lead to one of the lightest bindings on the market today.

Injected Straps

If lightweight performance is what you’re after then the Fix injected straps are what you need. They stretch as you tighten them which evenly distributes the pressure eliminating pressure points.


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