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Tool Free Adjustments

You shouldn’t need to carry tools around to adjust your strap length. Tool free adjustability on all our bindings.

Nylon Basetray & Highback

First shot pure nylon with zero regrind filler. Strong & Durable.

Tool Free Forward Lean Adjuster

Simply lean the highback forward and click it into position for the perfect angle.

Cast Aluminum Buckles

The lightweight performance of our cast aluminum buckles, are so good they come with an industry-first lifetime warranty.

Injected Ankle Strap

Stretches as you tighten,  evenly distributing the pressure & eliminating pressure points. Lightweight performance.

EVA Footbed

Full-length EVA footbeds for impact protection, dramatically increase the energy dissipation.

Aluminum Heelcup

Provides unparalleled strength and rigidity and can be slid in-and-out.

Paint Free Nylon

We don't paint our nylon for 3 reasons: It's stronger, more durable and environmentally friendly.

Urethane Dampening Pad

Dampen vibrations, prevent board breakage and make for a silky smooth ride.

Stitched Memory Gel Straps

They’re so comfortable, they’re like couches for your feet.

Injected Toe Straps

Standard on all Fix Bindings. Use over the toes or as a toe cap. Stretches to fit your boot.


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