A Conversation with Josh & Raph about "CELLULAR"

A Conversation with Josh & Raph about "CELLULAR"

With the Australian snowboard season starting off, we figured it was a good time to reach out to our good friends Josh & Raph and talk about their latest project "CELLULAR". You will find below a quick chat about music, snowboarding mid-pandemic, creativity and filming in Australia.

How are you guys doing? How did the Australian Summer treat you guys?

R -  Doing good legend! Summers been great. It's really pleasant to slow down in comparison to the fast-paced lifestyle of Winter in Jindabyne. Just been wakeskating and trying to jam as much as possible.

J - Yo! Yeah things are good over here.

When was the last time you guys got to strap in? Did your season get cut short because of COVID? 

J -  The last time I got to strap in was the start of October when Perisher closed. I think the season started later because of COVID. We weren’t sure for a while there if we’d even get a season. It was pretty annoying at the start of Winter because we had to pre book our days riding. Perisher limited the number of people on the hill so days got booked out super quickly. Then the season was cut slightly short this year because we didn’t get much snow. So yeah, I think we ended up losing about 2 months of a normal season.

R - The last time I was strapped in was around about the end of October. Eagerly hunting the Australian backcountry in search of a patch if that haha. Was a vibe though, had a tight crew out on a hot day really putting in the work hiking just for the simplicity of a late season turn.

COVID definitely put limitations on capacity and accessibility but really the season got cut short due to lack of snow. You could also tell perisher as a whole seemed exhausted. In the sense that they could have stretched snow for a late season park but they ended up pushing excess snow into rivers essentially. Trying to wrap up a stressful bizarre year for them as quick as possible. Which is totally understandable.

Raph, can you tell us a bit about the band you’re in? What’s the name of the band? What are you guys all about?

R - So basically, as soon as I picked up a guitar a few years ago I wanted to start a band, in need of something creative outside of snowboarding. Started jamming with a bunch of legends and eventually we formed Street Creature. Kind of a psych-rock band even transforming to borderline jazz/funk experimental. I couldn't really place ourselves specifically in one genre, it really varies on the mood at the time. We've got a pretty standard line up I guess with 2 guitars (Austin & myself), bass (Chester) and drums (Luke) in which I pretty much write most of the music but nowadays it's a lot more collaborative which is cool, cause we all just feed off each other's energy. We are really about the feel of an unrehearsed jam or the sweaty crammed energy of a gig and at the end of the day I think if it puts a smile on our face, that's what matters most, at least to myself. I feel the boys are the same though we all are just trying to find our own individuality and pleasure creatively in a chaotic world.

4- Are the rest of the band snowboarders as well?

R - Yes they are which is dope. Luke absolutely rips has to have one of my favorite styles out there, he's also on the Modest team. Chester charges, can't put anything in front of the pale orc that will make him back down and Austin gets after it too, such a sick skater and definitely transferring those skills to the mountain for sure.

Do you find any creative parallels between snowboarding and music?

R - I believe they both exist in a similar part of our minds. A part in which wants to explore, experience and progress through a world of unknown/known dangers. I think that's what excites me most. The possibility of landing some wild trick, figuring out a riff or crashing a burning in both senses mentally or physically. The balance we find I think is most important, when we let go of fear and truly find a moment (the feel), similarities appear in both snowboarding and music.


Josh, are you also into music as well? What do you like to do in the off season?

J - For sure, I love music. I’ve played the drums on and off since I was in primary school and have always loved music. Raphy and I used to jam heaps a few years back, was mad fun!

I moved up the coast a few months before Winter this year so Summer this year has been full of coastal activities; Surfing, fishing & camping. I also have a dirt bike and live in a pretty sweet area for riding so try and get out and ride my bike as much as possible.

7- When you think of street snowboarding, Australia is definitely not the first destination that comes to mind... What are the challenges of filming in Aus and how does it compare to filming elsewhere?

J - Haha no, not at all. I guess the challenge of filming in Aus is that it only really snows on the handful of mountains that we have in the South East corner of the country, meaning spots are very limited. I did a 10 day trip down to Falls Creek in Victoria in Winter 2019 with Yuki Threads and managed to hit a bunch of spots down there which was sick. Falls and Hotham definitely have spots, but where Raph and I board hasn’t really got many spots in the area.

I think when filming in Aus you just have to take what you can get and try and be as creative as possible with DIY stuff.

8- What are your favorite places to snowboard and film?

J - Favourite place to board is definitely at Perisher. Nothing beats a sunny day with all your best mates lapping the park.

I've also had heaps of fun boarding In Tahoe, Mammoth, Big Bear and Whistler over the years.

9- Do you guys have any plans for the upcoming Winter?

J - Raph and I are hoping to take a trip down to Falls and Hotham this Winter and film. Other than that just board as much as possible at Perisher!

10- Any special thanks or shout outs?

J - Shout out to Jason and Max! I love riding for Fix. Thanks legends!!

Also a massive thanks to Modest, Yuki Threads, Public and Rhythm Snowboard Shop for all the help over the years.

R- Thank you to Jason and Max for this opportunity! It is truly an honor to be a part of such a dope company & team wouldn't have it any other way.
Much love to Dinosaurs Will Die, Modest, Salmon Arms, Linc at Harvest Trading & Vans for all the help you continuously give me.

If you haven't seen "CELLULAR" give it a watch... If you've already seen it, give it another watch :)

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