A Conversation with Demetri About “Joining the Fix Global Team”

A Conversation with Demetri About “Joining the Fix Global Team”
 About time! We've been meaning to make this announcement for a while. Ever since we first got in touch with Demetri in February of 2020, we knew he had something special. We had seen his parts in the Absinthe movies and we had seen his clips on social media, it was obvious that the kid had talent. It was a no brainer for us to ship him product and start showing him proper support. I got the chance to meet Meech in person for the first time in Mt. Hood that Summer and seeing him ride blew me away. Seeing how consistent and hungry he was made me realize that we had only seen a small fraction of what he would accomplish on a snowboard. As soon as I got back from that trip, I got in touch with Jason and told him that we had to bring Demetri onto our Global Team. I recently reached out to him to catch up and talk about the project he's been working on for the past 2 years.
Yo Meech! How are you? How do you feel about joining our Global Team?

Hey man, I’m good! Hyped to be apart of the Fix family, I’ve gotten a lot of love from you guys and I couldn’t be happier to join the Global Team. It’s just nice to be on a company that isn’t a big Corp. There is a much more personal relationship and this is shown in the product and the people that back it.
How was your Summer? I saw you went down to Hood for a little bit.

My Summer was pretty busy and interesting. Went through some life changes but all in all it’s been good. I just been riding mountain bikes, skating a bunch and trying to hang with friends and family as much as possible. I made it to Hood one day this Summer haha. It was a good day but the older I get my desire to spend my time up there is less. I think the time away is good for me. It gives me time to do me and live a normal life. I spend so much time in the Winter strapped in that’s it’s kind of refreshing to do other stuff and when I come back I’m hungry and feel like I just have more love for it.
That's interesting. Sometimes stepping back from the stuff you love can help you put things into perspective. What do you miss most about "normal life" when you're out filming in the streets?
When I’m out on trips I definitely miss my dog (Rubie) she’s the best. I also miss the home cooked meals since my parents still live in bend and just that daily routine. I’m pretty big on staying organized and on top of things just to keep moving forward and on trips between the 12+ hours out filming and the Corona diet haha it can be pretty hard to stay on top of things. Overall I’m just hyped to be doing this, there’s always time to get shit done when I’m home so I try and just focus on enjoying these times with friends and scaring myself to get clips I’m hyped on.
Last time we were on a call you told me that you're sitting on a lot of footage... 2 years worth of clips. Can you tell us a bit about what your footage is going towards?

Ya man I’m sitting on a good amount of footage right now and I’m actually pretty hyped on it. It’s not any longer then a normal part but it did make the video part process less stressful and gave me a little more room to be picky. I feel like with the way I am and lot of other people are, you always think you could have done more or a better trick or something like that but I put a lot into it. The project we worked on was a Signal team movie. It was originally supposed to be a 1 year project but with COVID kinda fucking things up and everyone not really having all the stuff they wanted from it, we decided to extend it and am glad we did. Really want to thank them for letting us do this video and I'm stoked to share it with everyone.
How was it to film in the streets with the Free Dawgers Only homies?

It was good man, I have a really good filming dynamic with D Scott (the FDO filmer) and he really is a master lensman. He's also a very talented editor so getting him on the project was a no brainer. Tony and Adro are my dogs as well so if we weren’t arguing about what street to turn on or spot to set up we were probably saying some dumb shit or punking on each other haha 
Where did you guys travel? What was your favorite area to film in?

Since it was kind of a COVID project we were only really in the states besides the one trip right when COVID hit in Quebec. That trip was fuckin stressful honestly. It was so hard to get up in the morning and see what was going on in the world then go out and get clips not knowing how we were gonna get back. I’m not gonna leak the gold mine but we did get out to Slc, Detroit, Denver, Boston, Minneapolis and my hometown Bend.
Do you have any plans for the upcoming season?

For this season I have a few ideas I'm working on but nothing concrete yet. Just trying to film another part and smash some steel.
We saw that you just went pro for Signal! Dude, congrats. Can you tell us a bit about that experience? When is your board coming out?

Yah man that was pretty insane. Such a childhood dream. We were all out at Mammoth for Signal Team Week and I was actually just getting a haircut ha when I got a call from Mark ( one of the owners) to meet out at June Lake Brewing. I drove out there and was caught super off guard when Dave Lee got everyone’s attention for an announcement. I turned around and saw the board and was definitely tripping. Got a massive amount of beer poured on me and just couldn’t believe it. The board just got released for presale on there site and will be shipping out hopefully before November. I got to help with graphic thinking that they were just gonna make two versions of the Super park board that I’ve always rode but had no idea that it was gonna have my name on it. Really wanted a subtle graphic with dark colors so I did a mat overlay with some art on the top that can only really be scene in the right light. It just looks like a black top sheet and that’s always been my favorite. 
Any special thanks?
I have a lot of thanks to give, First my mom Jessie and paps Buck. They have been super supportive through this whole process and always backed what I was doing even if It wasn’t going to college and doing the whole American dream thing. Also want to thank Mark and Dave from signal for letting me be so involved with Signal, really feels like family. Also want to thank Tactics, Mt. bachelor, Dakine, & Tokyo Starfish. And of course all the homies. Wouldn’t be where I am now without the group of people I surround myself with, love you guys and can’t wait till we can get after it!
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