Making Bindings Since 2014
"It all started with a trip of a lifetime to the famed Baldface Lodge in Nelson, British Columbia.  The bucket-list trip started with bluebird conditions and early season blower pow and a crew of great friends.  As the first cat ride of the day took us to the top of the first summit, I went to strap in, I cranked my buckle and "SNAP", I broke the inside adjuster strap (of the unnamed brand) of the bindings I was riding at the time.  Without parts or anyway to repair the binding, I rode shotgun in the cat back down to the lodge to see if I could Frankenstein my bindings back together.  Sitting in that seat and looking out to my right and seeing all my friends riding untracked powder through perfectly spaced, snow blasted trees, I knew that was the moment that I had to do something; I needed to make a better binding; one that would be dependable and never let the rider down or have an experience like I had that day."  - Jason Broz (Founder)
Fix is a tool-free, simplistic binding that focuses on dependability, and strength, while providing ease of adjustability.  Fix doesn't paint any of its nylon; it's a harder, more time consuming manufacturing process and more expensive to make bindings this way, but we believe it's better for the environment and makes for a more durable product.  We also don't put any old filler material back into our bindings which makes them stronger.  It's just a couple of the things that we do differently to make a superior product.