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I Don’t Know What Size I am, How do I Know What will Work for my Size Boots?

Men's size chart
Women's size chart
Kids size chart

As a general rule, if your boot is a larger volume boot and the size chart says that you’re on the cusp between sizes, you will want to go with the larger of the two sizes. It’s better if the binding has a little bit of room opposed to being too tight.

Do Your Bindings Work with the Channel System or the 3D Hole Pattern?

All Fix bindings with the exclusion of the Starter kids binding are compatible with both the 4x4 system as well as the 2 hole Channel system.  Hardware is provided in every box for both systems.  The Starter binding is only compatible with the 4x4 hole pattern.  Fix bindings are NOT compatible with the older 3D (3 hole) legacy hole pattern.

How Do I Mount My Bindings?

Please visit our YouTube Channel for tutorials on how to set-up your bindings HERE

What Mounting Hardware Does Fix Use?

All Fix bindings use an M6 threaded screw with Phillips head. It is important that the washer provided is used in combination with the screw.

What Bindings Have Highback Rotation?

All of the new bindings on this site have highback rotation. It’s only the older Winslow binding models that don’t have rotation as well as the Gen 1 Truce, January and Starter models.

The Bindings Don’t Look the Same on Your Website as they do in Person. Why is that?

Computer monitors vary in how they display colours. Additionally, lighting during our photo shoots may mildly affect how the colour displays. We do our best to display colours accurately.

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