Lifetime Warranty on Buckles

Lifetime Warranty on Buckles

What is so special about our buckles?

Since we control our own production facility, we were able to start from square one when it came time for the design and function of our bindings.  This is far superior to being at the mercy of a binding factory with off-the-shelf parts.  We started with the most critical component, the spring.  By choosing the best materials then combining that with 25 years of binding engineering experience, our buckles can endure up to 28,000 clicks. Trust us, that's a lot; roughly triple the life of competitor brands. We know because we test their buckles on the same machines and develop a baseline so we can compare ours.

We back up our claims with an unprecedented and industry first lifetime warranty on our buckle assemblies, because they simply don't break.  Dependable, reliable, strong, trust pick the word.

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